Drain Cleaning Services

A drain cleaning company is a specialized chemical product which unclogs clogged sewage or septic pipes. The term can also refer to an automated device like a plunger, snake, sewer plunger, or other similar device used for sewer cleaning. When used in the right manner, these tools can efficiently and effectively unclog blocked drains or sewers.

Drain cleaning services are available both in-house and online. Many local drain cleaning companies offer this service at affordable rates to residential and commercial property owners who need them. They can be rented or purchased and are usually equipped with advanced technology that can effectively unclog drains in a matter of minutes. Some drain cleaners even come with automatic shut off functions, so the system will not cause any harm to nearby houses or vehicles. These types of tools are generally installed by professional plumbers.

A plunger is one of the most common drain cleaning devices. These devices consist of a long metal cylinder that contains a pressurized hose attached to it. The hose has a loop with a hook at the end. This hook is attached to the pipe and the plunger simply pushes on the hook until the blockage is released. Many other types of plungers exist and are used for other drains cleaning purposes such as kitchen sink clogs or bathtub clog.

A snake is another drain cleaning tool that is often referred to as a “scraper”. These types of tools are used when a clog needs to be forced out of the pipe. The snake hooks onto the blockage using its sharp teeth and moves forward. As the blockage is moved into the pipe, the snake pulls it out. Some snake tools are also equipped with a wrench for more effective removal. These tools are commonly found at industrial applications where the blockages are often larger. These types of tools also have an adjustable blade and may have attachments for scraping large objects.

A sewer auger is another type of drain cleaner tool used for sewer cleaning. These tools are similar to plumbers’ snakes but have a telescopic rod that allows them to reach out and reach the drain without having to bend over. They are very useful when working in confined spaces and when reaching pipes. The retractable pole helps you get in and out of tight places. This tool is also equipped with an automatic shutoff mechanism so there is no need for a professional to operate it.

Aside from these basic tools, many drain cleaning services include more advanced equipment like jetting systems, augers, jetting poles, drain snake augers and more. These more complex tools are best used in highly populated areas. The more complex equipment can also use ultrasonic techniques and even carbon dioxide generators to clean out blocked drains and sewers. All drain cleaners have their own unique sets of capabilities and they all come with different features. Choose the right drain cleaner for your particular application and your drain will be cleaned in no time.

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